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March 8, 2021
What Additions Might Be Needed For The Sunroom

This is a short look-see article of ideas. The writer leaves the actual sunroom additions in Utica, MI to the professionals. And of course, the reader is encouraged to get in touch with these specialist technicians. But deep breath, let’s hope that there is less reliance on technical jargon which hardly a reader would understand even if he or she were of the most astute mind. And unless of course he or she just happens to be patiently wading his or her way through a technical dictionary.

sunroom additions in Utica, MI

You should not be worrying about windows at this stage of your soon to be sunny life. What you would want right now is a good pair of sliding patio doors. Or should it just be a single slide? Perhaps space is still at a premium for you right now. To talk of patio sliding doors, do make sure that the sunroom is turning outwards onto a patio space. Perhaps you will be able to convert a portion of your porch for that purpose?

Or would new slabs need to be laid altogether? Anyway, unless you are planning to do so for purely aesthetic purposes, forget about using curtains. Put up blinds instead. There will be far less hassle if you do that. And a lot less fussing over cleaning and dry-cleaning the curtains. Innovative blinds of today can be cleaned in an efficient and eco-friendly manner. Oh, and that is one more thing. You might want to put up screens as well.

These would probably be facing outwards onto the patio space should that become a reality. The object of the exercise here of course is to screen out as much dust and debris as possible. No mess and no fuss.

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